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Precision agriculture

Limiting inputs and costs are undoubtedly your daily objectives. Nowadays, SatNav solutions offer precision of up to 2 cm and enable you to generate savings on crop cultivation.

T3M provides an RTK signal network to obtain the utmost precision over its territory, even with a competitor brand console.
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Drones > Data acquisition > Adaptation of quantities

Drones are now a must and are becoming an essential tool in the farming world. Whether a fun hobby or for semi-professional use, this phenomenon can no longer be disregarded. As there are unlimited, numerous applications, why not contact Maxime directly to gauge your project as accurately as possible?

To provide you with the best possible service our partners can acquire data on your land via various systems such drones. 
This data will be analysed and can be used by your fertilisation tools to closely optimise the production potential of your farm.

In addition to these automated solutions, we offer a free diagnosis with our precision agriculture specialist.

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Spare parts

Our 16 self-service units are equipped to repair your hoses: you will find a number of references there for OEM or adaptable parts.


Do you do your own repairs?

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We have 110 mechanics available all year round throughout our sector.
Our teams receive regular training, on new elements in particular, and are operational on all vehicle and equipment ranges for the makes we distribute.
Our workshop foreman plays a vital role in making sure you receive the service you expect.

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