General Terms and Conditions of Sale


1- The catalogues, brochures and prices do not constitute firm proposals on our part. They may be modified at any time without prior notice, in terms of the range of equipment and related characteristics, as well as the price.

2- Orders only become effective on acceptance by our company, notwithstanding the receipt of down-payments.  A down-payment made on ordering does not in any way entitle the purchaser to retract by relinquishing the down-payment made which, in the event of cancellation of the order, will be retained by the company without prejudice to any damages.

3- Unless expressly indicated on the order form, our prices are payable cash.

4- A claim made under warranty does not justify delaying payment.

5- In the event of deferred payment, accepted by our company in writing, subject to legal provisions on the delivery date, interest will be added to our invoice in the amount of 1.5% per month, without prejudice to any recourse in order to obtain payment. 

6- Delivery times are given for information only. Consequently, subject to the rules applicable to contractual liability, we will not be liable in the event of late delivery. However, if the delivery time were to be exceeded by 3 months, the purchaser would, after failure to remedy within one month of official notification, have the option of cancelling the order, with the seller solely required to return any payment made, to the exclusion of any interest other than that set out by law and any indemnity. 

7- Vehicles, equipment, accessories and parts are shipped at the recipient’s own risk. Acceptance and takeover of the vehicle or equipment by the purchaser mean that the vehicle or equipment is in perfect running order and comes complete with all the anticipated accessories with no possibility of a subsequent claim to be made by the purchaser.

8- New vehicles or equipment made by the manufacturers we represent are guaranteed in line with the special terms and conditions of each manufacturer, starting from the day of delivery to the purchaser’s address. Replacement or reconditioning of parts under this warranty cannot under any circumstances have the effect of extending it in any way. 
It ceases to apply, ipso jure if:
a) the defect can be attributed to use not compliant with the normally intended purposes of the equipment, negligence or a servicing fault on the part of the user.
b) the defect is subsequent to the use of parts not approved by the manufacturers or when due to a transformation not approved by the latter. 
c) if the operations scheduled in the “Servicing Log Book” issued with the equipment have not been carried out. This warranty excludes any other liability on our part due to any direct or indirect prejudice that might be suffered by the user resulting from any faults with raw materials entering into the composition of the vehicle or equipment sold or any construction or design faults with the vehicle or equipment.


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